Pitch-day 2023 for external master’s projects in computer science and machine learning

We invite all Norwegian companies, the public sector, and other organizations to present your ideas for master’s projects for the computer science and machine learning students at UiT. We especially encourage local companies and startups to join.

This is a great opportunity to connect with students having an interest and background in computer science/engineering and machine learning. Presenting your company and AI or ICT projects may help find relevant students and future employees. By offering a master project and recruiting a student for 6 to 12 months you can strengthen your team, get a new perspective on your projects, transmit your values and possibly find a new employee.

The event is hosted by the Digital Technology Innovation Lab and SFI Visual Intelligence at the Departments of Computer Science and Physics and Technology. The event will be on the 29th of March from 14:15-16:00. The companies and organizations are invited to give a short in person presentation to the students at Auditorium 1.023, Teknologibygget, UiT.

How to participate

If you are interested in hosting UiT master students for their final year project we ask you to register by sending an email to Lars Ailo Bongo lars.ailo.bongo@uit.no and Benjamin Ricaud benjamin.ricaud@uit.no where you provide the following information:

  1. Name and email of your contact person(s)
  2. A brief introduction of the company or organization
  3. A short text describing the project(s) you want to propose
  4. The resources, including data, that you will make available for the project(s)
  5. If you want to present at the event, the name and email of the presenter

We will make this information available to all students. The deadline for registration is 1st of March. We will provide feedback and invite those suitable for a master’s project to give a pitch at the event. We will select the presenters on a “first come first served” basis but prioritize startups and local companies.

For the presentation you should prepare a few slides describing your company, and some projects that are ongoing. Examples of master projects you had in the past would also be beneficial. The presentation should be maximum 5 minutes.

Master projects at UiT

The students invited to the event are starting their 4th or 5th year in the fall. Most students do their master’s project in their 5th year, but it is also possible to work on the project over the 4th and 5th year. The master’s projects are either over two semesters (60 credits), or only a pre-project in the fall (10 or 20 credits) followed by the master’s project in the spring (30 credits). They are supervised by at least 2 persons, someone from the company, directly involved in the project, and by a faculty member at UiT.

For more information about master’s project in collaboration with industry at UiT refer to the department of comptuer science information page (in Norwegian only) where you will also find the standard agreement (in Norwegian and in English) that regulates IPR in the project.


For more information please contact Lars Ailo Bongo lars.ailo.bongo@uit.no (computer science projects) or Benjamin Ricaud benjamin.ricaud@uit.no (machine learning projects).